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urban Intimacy

URBAN INTIMACY 2005 – 2008

Mapa de la disidencia sexual en Barcelona. Actitudes privadas en el espacio público. Arquitecturas temporales.

Acciones durante el proceso de investigación:
Mapas, recorridos, fotografias (propias y donaciones), vídeo.


Asesoramiento: Alex Brahim
Edición de Mapa y Vídeo (Diseño Mapa: Natalia Angel // Diseño Video: Dirk Nagel
Part de l’exposición Ciutats Ocasionals. Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Xile, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Cádiz, Madrid entre 2008 y2012.


Map of sexual dissidence in Barcelona
Since 2005, I was investigating the use of public space for intimate purposes and have verified different uses of the city for love and sexual practices. The public face of the city is appropriated and its spaces and fixtures used or modified to provide temporary accommodation, shelter, and/or private comfort for these interactions.
In the ordinary city-space, definitions are set for approved public use; commercial zones, office zones, zones for leisure activity, for consumption, for tourist activities. In the sexual city, public space is turned inside out; the space, the city itself, is redefined, reprogrammed, “hacked” by its users, to claim privacy in shifting micro-climates, where certain “zones” of accepted sexual activity raise temporary borders. Couples make room for private intimacy on park benches, or in hidden alleys. Prostitutes make a commercial space for themselves, “shop windows” to catch the attention of passing trade. “Doggers”, taking pleasure in being seen, make open-air sexual auditoriums in changing locations; voyeurs gather as the audience to watch the performance. Gay and straight “cruising” creates open marketplaces of sexuality, where singles find company for a night.
All share one feature in common: transience, an informal and temporary use of public space as an analogue of fixed structures; printing for a short time another map on top of the city of zones; re-zoning and humanising urban space, exercising micro-politics in order to answer basic human needs.

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